4 Alternative Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer is a disease caused by the fragmentation of brain cells, which is manifested through memory loss, language and judgement issues or confusion. The drugs prescribed to treat the disease depend on its stage and focus on the development of these cells in order to prevent Alzheimer symptoms. Apart from the traditional treatment, there are also alternative remedies that reduce the risk of Alzheimer and eliminate its symptoms.

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  1. Diabetes remedies.

Victoza, the drug used to treat diabetes, has proven to be useful in treating Alzheimer as well. It was experimented on mice suffering from this disease and after only 2 months of treatment, the drugs managed to reduce the cell damage by 30%.

  1. Cholesterol drugs.

Statins are usually used to prevent your body from producing cholesterol. Different experiments have been made and they showed that in high quantities, statins actually manage to prevent dementia. In this sense, they could be also beneficial for preventing Alzheimer. However, specialists still need to investigate further side effects that this drug implies.

  1. Blood pressure drugs.

Generally, the treatment for high blood pressure concerns of ACE inhibitors, diuretics or angiotensin blockers, which prevent your pressure from getting high.

Recent research has shown that by taking certain blood pressure drugs the risk of Alzheimer is reduced by 50%. However, further studies need to be performed in order to establish the very reason of this possibility.

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis medication.

A traditional remedy for the rheumatoid arthritis is the anti-inflammatory-medication or the medication that manages to modify the disease. If this treatment does not succeed, then biologists are administrated, due to their high level of proteins, which improve the immune system and combat the inflammations.

Administrated to patients with Alzheimer as an alternative treatment, biologists may reduce the inflammation that the disease causes at the cellular level. This could be possible because these medicines block the tumor-necrosis factor-alpha molecule and reducing the inflammation in the system.

4 Alternative Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease

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