How Can You Get Rid of White or Pink Stretch Marks?

How Can You Get Rid of White or Pink Stretch Marks

No matter the color – pink or white – stretch marks are an esthetic matter for most people. They tend to make us feel uncomfortable with the idea of wearing them, which determines us to find a solution that can make them go away. But before following a treatment, you should follow this 5 step plan that will considerably improve the ...

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Get Rid Of Plaque Naturally

dental plaque

Plaque is a very uncomfortable deposit that affects your teeth so badly that it determines their decay, if untreated. Paying a visit to your dentist seems the perfect solution, but when you are out of money you are not that happy. Fortunately, you can opt for one of these natural remedies that you can prepare at home.

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Apple Cider Vinegar — Best Home Remedy for Whiter Teeth


Apple cider vinegar is a rich source of pectins, minerals and healthy enzymes, which help you have whiter teeth. It is a very powerful cleaner which balances the pH in order to whiten your teeth. In this sense, it removes stains from your teeth and prevents/ treat gum diseases.

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Amazing Benefits of Rice Water

rice water

Chinese are very famous for the rice consumption. But what people do not know is that they not only consume the rice, but they also use the rice water to treat different problems.When you prepare lunch, add more water to cook the rice and do not throw it away. It has beneficial properties that you were not aware of:

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How To Get Rid Of Kidney Stone

kidney stones

Kidney stones can be a very painful disease, one that you want to get rid of in the shortest time. Fortunately, there are many methods that you can use to treat this affection, while it is still at the beginning.  

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8 Amazing Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

himalayan salt

Himalayan salt, as the name says it, is extracted from the Himalayans, the world’s highest mountains. This ingredient has been used since ancient times, when our ancestors knew its beneficial properties and treated their body problems with it.  Nowadays, it seems that people have started to use this salt to treat different issues. Let’s find out its properties!

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7 Home Remedies To Remove Facial Hair


In modern times, women are obsessed with the idea that facial hair makes them look less desirable and beautiful. There is a series of temporary solutions – waxing, bleaching, plucking or threading – which sometimes have side effects and long term remedies such as electrolysis or laser, which are quite expensive. Apart these solutions, we recommend you to try one ...

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4 Powerful Methods For Cleaning Your Lungs

4 Powerful Methods to Clean Your Lungs

Your lungs are the most important organ in your body. So, keeping them clean and healthy is very important for the health of your respiratory system and not only. It is highly recommended to smokers and people who live in polluted environments. We present your four effective ways of cleaning your lungs:

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