How Can You Get Rid of White or Pink Stretch Marks?

No matter the color – pink or white – stretch marks are an esthetic matter for most people. They tend to make us feel uncomfortable with the idea of wearing them, which determines us to find a solution that can make them go away. But before following a treatment, you should follow this 5 step plan that will considerably improve the condition of your skin.

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Hydration. If you manage to keep your skin hydrated, it will not only improve the existing stretch marks, but it will also prevent them from appearing as it gives your skin more elasticity.

Moisture. In order to maintain your skin strong and supple you need to moisturize it even when the marks are gone.

Healthy lifestyle. Try to consume healthy foods, rich in vitamins and minerals that will give your skin and body all the necessary nutrients.

Protect your skin from UV rays. Too much time under the sun can damage a lot your skin. Avoid doing that as much as possible and always use protection when you go out. Apart from this, your skin will get darker, but the marks will remain white and the effect will not be pleasant at all.

Exfoliation. Exfoliate your skin with regularity in order to remove the dead cells and allow it to heal faster and better absorb the nutrients.


Homemade remedies are a good opportunity to reduce the appearance of those ugly stretch marks that you hate so much. They cannot make them disappear for good, but they can fade them effectively and prevent new marks from appearing later on.

The laser is an expensive, but helpful method of getting rid of stretch marks. This procedure manages to determine the tissue around the marks to heal faster. We recommend you to use this remedy along with a nourishing cream, so that the results to satisfy your wishes.

Creams are maybe one of the most common ways of combating the stretch marks. If you can respect the 5 step plan and also use a special designed cream, you can actually succeed in hiding  those unwanted scars.

Skin surgery is the only permanent solution against stretch marks. Indeed, it sounds very good and promising, but it also has its disadvantages, like everything in this world. On one hand, it is a very expensive and time-consuming intervention. On the other hand it may leave some tiny scars that with time will fade.

How Can You Get Rid of White or Pink Stretch Marks

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