Home Remedies Candida

Our body represents a shelter for many fungi and bacteria which generally help our system to function properly. However, when these tiny organisms, particularly the yeast candida albicans, grow too much and cannot be controlled anymore, candida appears.

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It generally appears to babies, who were passed the fungus by their mother or to people with a low immune system. It is generally manifested differently from person to person: thrush, white plaque in the mouth, itching and burning in the vagina area, skin inflammations and itching, congestion, fatigue, weak nails or different digestive issues such as constipation, colitis or abdominal pain.

The overgrowth of the candida bacteria can be determined by various factors: excessive sugar consumption, an imbalanced immune system, corticosteroid administration or chronic fatigue.

Fortunately, there are several natural remedies that you can use at home to get rid of candida. In this sense, you must make sure that the cause is the yeast, otherwise you need to contact a specialist that will prescript you the appropriate medication.

  • Reduce as much as you can the sugar intake and try not to consume Xylitol chewing gum;
  • Avoid ketoconazole administration in order to protect your liver;
  • Opt for bifidus probiotic and lactobacillus supplements to protect your colon and prevent candida bacteria from overgrowing. In case of vaginal candida introduce the drugs in the vagina every night, before bedtime.
  • Use a topical cream that contains butoconazale and miconazale which protect the tract from infections;
  • Consume up to 2,000 mg of Caprylic acid as it has anti-fungal properties. Make sure you take an enteric-coated or time-released form in order to let your body absorb it gradually;
  • Stay away from contraceptive pills, steroids or antibiotics;
  • If a baby who is still breastfed or the mother has a candida infection, they should both be treated to eliminate the problem.

Home Remedies Candida

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