Insomnia Cure: 10 Simple Sleep Remedies

If you are having sleeping problems, such as lack of sleep, waking up during the sleep and watching TV because you cannot fall asleep, then you should consider one of the following tricks, which will help you be more relaxed and sleep better.

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Avoid coffee in the afternoon

The traditional believe says that once the coffee in consumed, 5 hours are needed to be eliminated from your system. However, only 75% of the caffeine is flushed out of your body after about 7 hours, whereas the remaining 25% still stimulates your body. In this sense, it is very important to avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon if you want to sleep enough and get some rest.

Reduce the alcohol consumption

Similar to caffeine, alcohol is diuretic and prevents you from having a deep and resting sleep. Moreover, alcohol negatively influences the REM and other stages of sleep, which are responsible for a resting sleep. In other words, when you drink too much, after a night, instead of being rested, fatigue will be the dominant feeling.

Think of sleep as a must

Specialists say that a short sleep can influence your everyday activity and make you more vulnerable to diseases: you can be stressed, overreact to different incidents, you are predisposed to suffer from depression, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalance or put on some weight.

Stay fit

In spite of the traditional belief, according to which working out in the evening prevents you from sleeping well, research shows that performing physical exercises improves the way you are sleeping and gives you energy for the next day.

Relax at home

Try to let all the stress and problems away and get some minutes of relax every day. You can either enjoy a chamomile tea, take a bath or just stay sit in quiet and relax. You will notice a positive change!

Place your phone away when sleeping

Scientists have proven that the waves produced by the phone, laptops or iPads reduce the melatonin production, the hormone responsible for a deep and relaxing sleep.

Go for yoga

Yoga moves can bring you the calm and relaxation needed. A relaxed body and mind can improve your sleep in no time.

Smell the roses

You can simply smell the roses in your garden several times by taking deep breaths or pour several drops of aromatherapy oil on a bath cloth and inhale 10-15 times. You can choose from lavender, myrrh, frankincense or vetiver oil, in order to have a silent and deep sleep.

Before sleep, get it on.

Generally, after sex, men use to fall asleep at once. This is due to the release of prolactin, the hormone that is produced in high levels during sleep. On the other hand, women produce the same hormone, called oxytocin, but in higher quantities. So, go to work!


Meditation is a good remedy for insomniacs. Usually, meditation relaxes your mind and send signals to your brain, telling it to relax. In this way, you manage to clear your mind and put aside all the stress.

Insomnia Cure 10 Simple Sleep Remedies


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