How to Quit Sugar for Good – All 5 Phases

You are a sweet stuff addict? Well, you should purify your body and switch to a healthy lifestyle. Quitting sugar cravings can be difficult, but possible. We recommend you to follow this five step plan:

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Step 1: Avoid sugary drinks

When you drink sweet beverages such as soft drinks or coffee, you actually increase the insulin and sugar levels in your blood. Quit these drinks for 2 weeks and replace them with water, sugar free tea or coffee.

Step 2: Avoid sweet junk food

Stop eating cakes, candy, granola bars or cookies, as most of them are very rich in sugars. Instead, consume fresh food. Quit these snacks step by step until the last one. This should take you 2 weeks. When you wish to eat something sweet, have some fruit.

Step 3: Quit simple carbohydrates

Once you have managed to exclude sweet food from your diet, it’s time for simple carbs to be removed from your diet. Slowly eliminate white breads, crackers or white paste from your daily routine for a period of two weeks.

Step 4: Take care at hidden sugars

Hidden sugars are quite difficult to discover, therefore you may need 2 weeks to get used to them. You should read the ingredients of every food you buy, in order to search for these sugars which generally are present in spices, dressings or sauces.

Step 5: Stick to the ‘diet’

Once you have quit all these harmful foods, you can sometimes consume a piece of cake or a candy bar. However, pay a lot of attention not to fall into temptation again. If your body craves for more sugar, just eat some fruits. Their sweetness should satisfy the need of sweet.

How to Quit Sugar

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