How to Remove Ear Wax with Vinegar and Water

Ear wax has a very important role: it prevents impurities from getting into your ear, by absorbing them. However, when too much wax is deposited, you start to have hearing problems, which are quite uncomfortable. You can clean your ears with a mixture of vinegar and water and flush all that wax.

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Combine one part of each water and white vinegar with two parts of peroxide oxygen (3%) and let the mixture heat until it becomes warm. Move it in a bulb syringe and pour the mixture into your ears.  Lie down, with your head tilt for about 5 minutes, then place your head with the ear over the sink so that the impurities and wax drain out. Do the same thing for the other ear, then wash your ears with water.

Advice: Do not use this remedy if you have or had ear problems. Consult a doctor first.

How to Remove Ear Wax with Vinegar and Water

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